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Guide to Thank You Letters

After a job interview there are several ways you can keep the potential employer's attention on YOU as the likely person to hire:

1. Immediately write a Thank You Letter to the interviewer. Write it right after the interview, and get it in the mail the same evening so it arrives in the next day or two. Below is a Guideline and a Sample Thank You Letter.

2. Send a Follow Up Letter soon after that, if you do not hear from the interviewer within, say, a week.

In the first paragraph, thank the interviewer (or express your appreciation) for the chance to meet with them to discuss the job and see the premises (use the term "meeting" rather than "interview" if it seems appropriate). Make some reference to your positive impressions of the company.

In the second paragraph, offer some new information or additional reason for the employer to be interested in you for that job-perhaps a "goodie" that you didn't mention in the interview. (You might even link this new information to a problem or opportunity the company is experiencing.) Repeat the job title you are applying for, and show continued interest in it.

In the last paragraph, let the employer know (graciously) that you expect to hear from them again and "plant" the idea in her mind of a phone call to you. Make it clear you're willing to come in and discuss the job further, if necessary.

Thank You Letter Example

Martina Bosserio
Manager, Product Development Dept.
Widget Corporation
1520 Widget Drive
Metropolis, NY 10021

Dear Ms. Bosserio,

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you and have a brief tour of Widget Corporation. The high level of creative energy among your staff, as well as their personal pride in the company's products, was obvious and very gratifying to see.

In addition to the information I shared with you in our meeting, I thought of another project I worked on that reflects the kind of contribution I could make as a member of Widget's product development team. The details of that project (the proposal and the final report, both of which I authored) are enclosed for your review.

As soon as you're through interviewing the other candidates, I'd appreciate hearing from you, and of course I'd be pleased to meet with you again, if necessary, on fairly short notice. I can be reached at home in the evening as well as at my office during the day.

Sincerely yours,

Geraldine JobHunter
(987) 555-3210 (h)
(987) 555-2106 (w)

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