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Taken from Yana Parker's
Resume Workbook: For Adults Entering the Workforce
a Fill-in-the-Blanks Guide

A Self-Help Quiz for
Adults with Little or
Tip for career counselors

This self-help quiz can help you learn to identify your transferable skills and marketable personal traits--and recognize accomplishments that you didn't previously notice or fully appreciate. Later, on your own or with your job counselor's help, you can explore how these identified skills and assets apply to your RESUME and to your JOB SEARCH.

NOW ... Ask yourself these questions.

1. Good friends count on each other for lots of things. What do YOUR friends count on YOU for?
2. What does your FAMILY count on you for?
3. IF one of your closest friends were to BRAG about you, what would they say?
4. IF YOU felt totally comfortable bragging about yourself, what would you brag about? What are you most PROUD of?
5. What GOOD QUALITIES did you inherit from your family? What have you done that shows you have that quality?
6. Do you have any volunteer or community service experience that you're proud of? (For example, PTA, church, neighborhood organization.)
7. What COURAGEOUS things have you done that you feel good about?
8. What DIFFICULTIES or barriers have you overcome, to get where you are now?
9. What CREATIVE things have you done that you feel good about?
10. Describe something you DESIGNED, CREATED, built, made, or fixed up, that gave you a strong sense of satisfaction. Tell why you feel good about it.
11. Which subjects were you best at in school. Why did you enjoy those particular studies?
12. What PRAISE or acknowledgment did you get from your teachers or trainers?
13. What do you KNOW so well--or DO so well--that you could teach it to others? What's the MAIN TIP you'd tell people about how to do that LIKE A PRO?
14. Name about TEN QUALITIES or characteristics of OTHER PEOPLE that you most respect or admire.
15. Think of a PROBLEM that came up that had other people stumped, but that YOU were able to do something about, to improve the situation. What did YOU do? What does that say about your abilities?
16. If you suddenly disappeared for 3 months (say the US government sent you on a SPY MISSION!) what would your friends and family MISS most about you? How would their lives be more difficult, or less fun, if you weren't there to help?
17. Which of the qualities you named in Question #14 above are ALSO true about YOU? For each quality that's true of YOU, tell what you DO that gives people the impression that you have that quality.
(If you think of a good question we should add to this list, send it to [email protected]. THANK YOU.)

Tip for Career Counselors:
You can transform this list of self-help questions into a group exercise for 6-8 job hunters.

Group Exercise Instructions:

1. One person in the group volunteers to play "Job-Hunter."

TIP: If YOU, as a member of the group, think you have no special accomplishments, you're a GOOD candidate to volunteer as "Job-Hunter!"

2. The other 5-7 participants will play Interviewers.

3. "Interviewers" take turns asking the "Job Hunter" any of the questions shown and/or additional questions that work to draw out the "Job-Hunter." "Interviewers" do whatever it takes to bring out the fullest, "juiciest" answers from the person playing "Job-Hunter."


4. After 10-15 minutes, another person volunteers to be "Job Hunter" and is similarly questioned by all the "Interviewers."

5. Continue until you run out of time or the group has interviewed ALL the participants.

LATER all the participants can explore, with their counselor's help, how these skills and assets apply to their RESUME and to their job search.

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