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52 Job Seekers' Questions
and some practical answers

... 11-20 ... 21-30 ... 31-40 ... 41-50... 51.. 52

JOB SEEKER questions (black)
RESUME WRITER / COUNSELOR questions (green)

Questions 1-10
1. What can I do while waiting after a job interview?
2. How do you explain having been fired?
3. Where does personal data go on my resume?
4. Where would you put your E-mail address?
5. Is there a format for a student with multimedia skills but no experience?
6. I get interviews, but no jobs; what am I doing wrong?
7. I just got out of the service and I need a resume. Can you help me?
8. How do I include my salary history if the company asks for it?
9. What if I have practically NO work experience at all?
10. Why can't I can find enough actual resume examples?
Questions 11-20
11. Does your resume software have a "fit-on-one-page" feature?
12. Should I list the date I graduated on my resume?
13. Do I need a job objective on my resume, when it's already in the cover letter?
14. Can I state my objectives THIS candidly?
15. I have started a resume business; do you have any tips for getting clients?
16. His resume makes him look like a job-hopper. How can I change it?
17. I just CAN'T write a resume -- but I'm GOOD at what I do. Can you help?
18. I quit work for two years to stay home; how do I put THAT on my resume?
19. I left my last job because of all the lying; how do I deal with that?
20. I've sent out hundreds of resumes. Why don't I get a response?
Questions 21-30
21. Where do I find the correct industry jargon to write my client's resume?
22. I want to write resumes professionally, where do I start?
23. Will a resume with vague dates be thrown away?
24. What will they think about why he left his last job?
25. How do I deal with my arrest record?
26. How do I put retirement years on a resume for returning to work?
27. How can I give references if my past employer fired me?
28. Do I list references right on the resume?
29. Do I really HAVE to fill out the application blanks?
30. Can I fill out the application blank in their office?
Questions 31-40
31. Which tense do I use on a resume, past or present?
32. What salary do I put on my resume?
33. Should CPR certification go on a non-medical resume?
34. What do I have to do to make my resume faxable?
35. Isn't it lying if I change the job title to fit my job responsibilities?
36. My resume makes me look overqualified; how do I tone it down?
37. What advice can you give about advertising my new resume service?
38. Does your resume software have any graphics?
39. My dad has worked in other countries all his life; what do I put on his resume?
40. I worked at one job for 9 years and have no other job experience; what do I do?
Questions 41-50
41. How do I apply for a position in which I've had no previous work experience?
42. How should I present my resume and what type of paper should I use?
43. How can I translate military experience into useful assets?
44. Smoking is getting between my client and successful interviews; what do I do?
46. I'm sixteen; can you help me put a resume together?
47. Should I take my severance package and go, or stick it out with a new manager?
48. My client was a stripper; what do I put in that 12-year part of her resume?
49. How do I write a resume for freelance work?
50. I have the experience, so why can't I get a job as a secretary?
Question 51
51. How can my resume show that I really DO have the skills for a job with a future, so I can escape this dead-end job I'm in?
Question 52
52. Is it okay to send my resume as an attachment to email?

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