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Resumes for Skilled Trades and Services

Table of contents & Resume Examples
What we once called "blue collar" jobs now includes all kinds of work vital to our modern service economy. And NOW these jobs often call for resumes. Even when it's not required, a good resume in hand can help a blue collar worker make a powerful first impression on an employer, and feel more confident in preparing for an interview.

Here are 132 resumes for the kinds of jobs that usually do not require a college education--from construction trades to food service to office support.

The book includes an extensive Resume Clinic for tough problems, and a "Crash Course in Resume Writing."
This book is out of print but may be available through used bookstores.

Ten Speed Press, 1995. [ISBN 0-89815-689-0] $14.95 paper

WHAT THEY SAY about this book . . .
"Yana Parker has written a book for the forgotten folks who sorely need a resume and had few models until now. This book will become a staple in every job counseling office in the country."
---Joyce Lain Kennedy, Los Angeles Times careers colum nist.

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